Your eyes, your ears, and your teeth. Preserve your perceptions while you can!

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By Dr. Thomas Connelly
Cosmetic Dentist, New York City

As a cosmetic dentist in Manhattan, I could write a 10-page essay on how important your teeth and smile are when it comes to hundreds of different things. I will spare you the reading and give you something a little more tangible.

Our world is perceived through our senses. Vision, smell, taste, touch, and hearing. Life just wouldn't be the same if you had to get rid of any of these. We spend our youth chasing after financial fortune; than we spend our entire fortune chasing after our youth. How true this statement really is for some - but it doesn't have to be this way. Preserve your senses at all costs! Many of the discoveries in medical science today allow us to maintain, rehabilitate, or rebuild aspects of our senses. I will touch briefly on each sense.

Vision - "the act or power of sensing with the eyes; sight." Many of us take this sense for granted. Picture for one moment how your life would dramatically change without your eyes. It is important to see your eye doctor annually, even more frequently if you have any issues with your vision. Maintaining healthy eyesight is very attainable if you follow the protocol established by your eye doctor. Advances in glasses, contact lenses, laser eye surgery, and a number of other medical treatments have greatly improved people's ability to correct vision problems.

Smell - "to perceive the odor or scent of through the nose by means of the olfactory nerves; inhale the odor of." This is another sense we take for granted. Did you know that smell is also the means by which we perceive flavor (not to be misunderstood as taste). This particular sense is relatively maintenance free and is one we rarely need to worry about losing.

Touch - "To cause or permit a part of the body, especially the hand or fingers, to come in contact with so as to feel." Another sense we take for granted. Although a sense that is relatively maintenance free, again, it is one we rarely need to worry about maintaining.

Hearing - "to perceive by the ear." Hearing is a little more complicated. Many children are afflicted with ear infections in their early age. If these infections are not treated properly they can severely impact the long-term health of one's hearing system. Fortunately, technology has advance significantly in the world of microelectronics - hearing aids. For most hearing problems, hearing aids have come to the rescue and they have been getting better and better, and smaller and smaller.

Taste - "to try or test the flavor or quality of (something) by taking some into the mouth: to taste food." Finally my favorite sense - I focused my career around it. Something everyone does every day. The senses of smell, taste and vision combine when you are sitting down to a delicious dinner. Many nice restaurants take the time to experiment with food presentation to make your plate appealing to the eye. Realizing how our senses all work together when we eat - it is no wonder why we love to eat good food! We love it more than just about anything. But in order to bite into that juicy steak, you need a healthy, strong set of teeth. Whether it's crowns, bridges, dental implants, porcelain veneers, or a regular dental cleaning, dentistry has an option for about every person on this earth to enjoy food with some form of teeth - so don't miss out!

About Dr. Connelly

Bringing over a decade of experience to his cosmetic practices spanning the Northeast, Dr. Connelly recently opened his practice in Manhattan at the office of Dr. Torrado on Central Park South while his new luxurious office is under construction in Mid-town Manhattan. Dr.Connelly's work spans many generations and walks of life. Moms, corporate executives, celebrities, professional athletes, runway models - Dr. Connelly has built his reputation by inviting everyone into his practices.

Dr. Connelly received his dental training at the Mayo Clinic, the University of Detroit Mercy and Louisiana State University. Dr. Connelly has also served a clinical instructor at Harvard University dental school inBoston. After practicing with Marc Lowenberg and Gregg Lituchy in Manhattan, Dr. Connelly expanded his cosmetic dental practice to Boston, MA, Providence, RI, and Manchester, NH.

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