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LASIK Risks and Benefits

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All types of surgeries carry a certain amount of risks and complications. When deciding whether to have LASIK, it's highly recommended to weigh the risks and benefits associated with this procedure.

Lasik is known to be an extremely effective treatment that is suitable for low, moderate or high prescriptions. The most important benefit of LASIK eye surgery is the ability to see without contact lenses or eyeglasses. This will improve your performance and confidence so you will be able to take advantage of more fulfilling career, recreational and social possibilities. There will be no need for further prescription updates which means that this type of expenses will become unnecessary. Lasik recovery time can take anywhere from one week to several months, although some patients will notice improvement within a day or two.

Serious side-effects and complications are very rare but anyone considering this procedure should be fully aware of any possible risks associated with LASIK. Patients may respond unexpectedly to such things as dressings, medications and anesthesia. slight discomfort, dry eyes, fluctuating vision, glare and halos.

Lasik complications may include: under and over-correction, inflamation or infection beneath the flap, ectasia, flap problems. Make sure you choose a qualified, highly experienced surgen and then follow his or her pre- and post-up instructions to the letter.