Lasik Eye Surgery Risks

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Before having Lasik Eye Surgery, you really need to sit down and weigh out the pros and cons of the procedure based on what is important to you. There are risks with every medical procedure, but you need to be sure that the benefits will outweigh the costs.

After having the surgery, some patients may experience debilitating symptoms like glare, halos, and double vision. This can greatly affect a person's night vision or vision in low lighted places. It may be permanent and unable to be corrected. Another risk to be aware of is the loss of vision. Some patients may lose vision after the procedure that is permanent. Complications may also cause blindness or loss of vision. Dry Eye Syndrome can also be experienced by patients after the procedure. The eye may be unable to produce the correct amount of tears to keep it moist. This can result in irritation or blurred vision, which may be permanent. In some cases, other procedures may be required to fix the problem. If you are farsighted and decide to have Lasik surgery, your results may diminish as you get older.

After learning the risks of the procedure, it is up to you to make your decision based on your values. With help from your doctor, you should be able to make the best possible decision to participate in Lasik Eye Surgery.

ImproveYourVision.com provides you with information about the different risk factors involved in the Lasik Eye Surgery procedure. The site breaks the risks down into two main categories of Vision Loss Risks and Nuisance Risks, one being more serious than the other. The site then takes time to explain each category and the risks associated with them. Check out the website here: improveyourvision.com

Trusted Lasik Surgeons provides information regarding Bilateral Simultaneous Lasik Eye Surgery. This is Lasik Eye Surgery that is performed on both eyes at the same time. The site gives information about the additional risks and complications about this certain procedure versus basic Lasik Eye Surgery. It also provides information about recovery from the procedure. Visit the website here: %elink new www.trustedlasiksurgeons.com/bilateral_lasik_informed_consent_Sample.pdf trustedlasiksurgeons.com%

DocShop.com has information about the risks of Custom Lasik Eye Surgery. The site compares the risks of Conventional Lasik Eye Surgery to the risks of Custom Lasik Eye Surgery, showing the risks of Custom to be smaller. It also provided you with the opportunity to find and speak with a specialist in your area. Visit their website here: docshop.com

Operation Auge is an interesting website that provides information, including a chart, that can predict your likelihood of possible post-operative risks. Using a point system, the chart lists individual variables of a patient, where you earn points for each. At the end, you can compare your score to the values provided by the site, and find out if your Lasik Eye Surgery risks are higher than you would like them to be. Visit their site here: operationauge.com