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Lasik Eye Surgery is a pricy procedure. Most medical insurances do not cover Lasik. Of course, the pricing does differ from doctor to doctor, and also depends on a number of factors. Lasik price quotes are given per eye, so even if you receive the procedure for both eyes on the same day, you must pay double the cost for one eye. Extra charges and fees come in as doctors may choose to use certain newer instruments for accuracy and ease.

The average cost for any laser-based procedure runs about $2140.00. This is quoted per eye. The average cost for Lasik in which a bladed instrument is used instead of a laser costs $1748.00. This is also quoted per eye. Finally, Lasik using a Wavefront guide is priced at $2314.00 per eye. Again, with newer technologies, these prices do vary.

Some factors that contribute to these high costs may include: the purchase/lease/maintenance of the lasers and blades, a custom procedure for the client, accessories used to keep the procedure sterile, medications and solutions used during the procedure, and, of course, the doctor you choose. It would be a good idea to compare doctors before settling with one. A procedure like this requires a knowledgeable doctor, but prices do vary among them.

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