Lasik Complications

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Like many surgical procedures, in some patients, complications are unavoidable. Unless you know and understand the risks and have no reservations going into the procedure, you might want to re-think your decision. You need to be at least eighteen years old in order to have this procedure. This is to be sure that your eyes are finished developing. Your doctor should ask you if you have certain health issues which may compromise the effectiveness of the procedure. If you participate in physical contact sports that may cause you to get hit in the face, Lasik surgery may not be a reasonable procedure for you.

Your doctor should also make sure you do not have any of the following conditions: thin corneas. Going through with Lasik could have lasting, blinding effects if your cornea is too think to work with. Large pupils. If your pupils are too large and you do have this procedure done, you may experience glare, halos, and double vision. These conditions can be very serious and result in debilitation of a patient. Blepharitis is the swelling of the eyelids, which may produce a crusty secretion covering the eyelashes. This could aggravate the cornea after surgery causing infection.

Although there are numerous complications that are possible, your doctor should be able to make an educated decision to make sure this is safe for you.

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The Vision Surgery Rehab Network is an amazing website that is dedicated to providing support to those who have experienced complications due to Lasik Eye Surgery and other refractive surgery. The site provides images, a newsletter, and a bulletin board to give those struggling support, and those who are planning to have surgery and inside look at complications. Check out their website here: visionsurgeryrehab.org

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