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Corneas Too Thin For LASIK?

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Some people have battled bad eyesight their entire lives. When LASIK Eye Surgery first emerged, many of these people thought they had finally found the miracle they'd be looking for. They researched LASIK, planned on the LASIK surgery, and just about settled on LASIK as the perfect option for them.

However, a new concern emerged regarding LASIK that made many of these candidates think twice before getting a LASIK consultation: thin corneas. All over the Internet, people complained that their corneas may be too thin for the popular and effective procedure, causing millions of other potential LASIK patients to nix the idea of taking the LASIK procedure a step further.

In fact, few potential LASIK candidates are turned down for thin corneas. You cannot possibly know if you're excluded from the remarkable LASIK procedure until you see a LASIK surgeon. They are the only ones who can give you an accurate and medically based opinion on whether the LASIK procedure is right for you.

If you've been told you have thin corneas, set up a consultation with a LASIK Eye Surgery center. They will give you an honest and direct assessment, and let you know if your thin corneas exclude you from the procedure.