Considering LASIK

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So, you have done the research, talked to patients, seen the results. But you may be hesitant in pursuing the LASIK procedure because of the cost. It's not as bad as you think.

The most important thing to understand is that not all LASIK clinics are created equal. You may have seen a low-price special advertised on TV that seems unbeatable - but have you done your research on that clinic. Some questions to consider, or to ask the low-price clinic:

1. What is included in this LASIK cost?
2. What kind of post-operatory care is included in this LASIK cost?
3. How many procedures have you performed?
4. How big is your network of afilliated surgeons?

Remember: you pay for what you get. And when it comes to your vision, and your eyes, is this where you want to be cutting costs?

For other clinics, they do offer affordable ways for you to finance your procedure.

The LASIK surgery cost is completely manageable through several different offers, discounts and payment plans that are made available to you. Programs like Advantage and Corporate Advantage programs (discounts for patients of network eye care providers, and discounts for affiliated corporations) help to ease to cost. Monthly installment financing is usually available, and if you have a Flex Spend Account through your employer, you can use those tax-free dollars towards your LASIK procedure. You may even have enough right now!

Overall, the cost of clear vision does not have to affordable only to the rich. Tens of millions of people have now successfully undergone this surgery. Isn't it your turn?