10 questions for your LASIK surgeon

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If you are seriously considering LASIK surgery, you need to first consider the experience and qualifications of your potential doctor. A good patient is well informed and has realistic expectations about the potential outcome. To fully understand the benefits and risks of this procedure, it's very important that you ask your doctor a few questions. This will help you recognize a competent refractive surgeon and evaluate his credentials. Let's take a look at some of the questions you should ask your LASIK surgeon.

1.How long have you been performing refractive surgery? Look for a surgeon that has more than three years of experience.

2.What is the number of refractive surgeries you have performed within the last year? Not less than 250

3.What is the total number of refractive surgeries you have performed on patients? Should be more than 500.

4.What percent of your patients receives 20/40 vision or better? Should be a 90% success rate.

5.How many of your patients receive a score of 20/20 or better? The number you are looking should be close to 60%.

6.How many of your patients report unresolved complications 6 moths following the procedure? Should be less than 3%.

7.How many patients do you refuse to perform LASIK surgery on? Professional surgeons will turn away patients that are not eligible for the procedure.

8.What is the worst LASIK outcome experienced by a patient of yours? How was it handled?

9.Has your license ever been restricted in any way? Answer should be no.

10.The type of laser equipment you intend to use, is it approved by the Food and Drug Administration? Answer should be yes.